To recall

It's been years since I picked up that black and white photograph from the sidewalk for the very first time. There was the laughing mother in flowery apron giving bath to her child and the year 1970 marked on the back. Today, I collect mostly the family albums. Years, whole lives of people and families are recorded on just few pages – they are on their weddings, funerals, Christmases; the family portraits are mixed with candid pictures from trips, celebrations and everyday life.

However, due to the digital photography and social media, the family album as we know it disappeared. "Pressing the shutter button is not irrevocable (unlike the pressing a button to start a nuclear war). On the contrary: it is a gesture with no responsibility – a photographer can repeat it hundreds of times per minute and then choose from the created images."3
The precious memory turned into the recording of abnormal quantity. We're just pressing the shutter again and again, creating hundreds of images of the same. Just few of these images will find their viewers in the present though. And I am not quite sure that any of them will find its collector in 30 years. The pictures will probably be deleted by then.


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