There's a border around here

Even though it’s not that relevant for ordinary Europeans, the borders exist to determine. We can travel, move, work, study or shop; Europe plays the game of one big happy family. This family doesn’t have common rules though. The distinction between a West and an East prevails still despite the fact that The Iron Curtain fell down long ago. Is the expression “former eastern block” politely substituing the therm second-rate? The engrained stereotypes are still lasting as well as the mutual lack of interest in the other side. However, the line beyond which that dolce vita could be found is very relative.

Here and there is a short film created by editing sequences from various Slovak and Austrian films. The scenes are selected to point out the border dividing unspecified countries of a West and an East. This fictitious story about two populations and their relationship⏤or its absence⏤looks at the limits which the individuals, nations, and systems (haven’t) overcame 25 years after the fall of The Iron curtain. Video, 12:18︎Now and then, illustrations on paper, 14 x 10 cm︎ARTISTS OR VANDALS? Newspaper clipping stating that Ivana D., the student of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, Slovakia, has been accused of unauthorized movement of frontier marks or other device identifying state borders. She’s been facing the fine up to 663,00 EUR. Her act was pointing out the insubstantiality and randomness of countries’ borders. Laser print, 8 x 17 cm︎There's a border around here, c-print, 30 x 40 cm


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