Seedlings︎Video, 4:36︎2022

ree time is circular; both past and the future breath in the present moment. Human time is linear, but our present ceased to function as a transition from the past to the future. It became an extended, perhaps endless, period of postponement of decision making or taking action.
In 2020, Elon Musk presented a sensor reading and producing electrical impulses in the human brain. He also estimated that more of us would be in the cloud than our own bodies in 25 years. With the chip that may allow for memories retrieval, would we be reliving everything possibly indefinitely? Or would we be living, with our uploaded minds simulating our futures, in the endless present forever?

Footage by Ivana Durkáčová & Google, Netflix, Replica and Film as a sensitive body.

Music by Boris Javorský.

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