Podkrovie (Mansard) IV︎Site-specific installation︎Bratislava City Gallery, 2018︎Curator: Gabriela Smetanová

_An Attic
An attic is an autonomous space which serves no particular function. It has neither its own nor clear concept. It is an outcome, a by-product (of the roof structure), defined additionally. Different, an equivocal space. A residue. A gap. Exactly this ambiguity of utilization generates openness in its interpretation and adaptation. It is ambivalent, subversive, odd, unintentional.
The Attic is a vague space, but quite specific too. It is both formless and markedly physically determined. It lacks the certainty of easy access.

The participants (I Kubáňová, II Mäsiarová, III Kotlár, IV Durkáčová, V Skaličan) will be entering, one by one, into mutual confrontation, which is not about saturating the conflict, but a more commonplace concurrence of a certain group of people. The radicality of sharp contrast is substituted by the ability of reading, denominating, and reacting.

The finished single image is substituted by temporality, dialogue, ephemerality and variety. The exhibition is not in pursuit of consonance and tidiness, but in stratification and causality of steps.

_ IV Flowers in the attic
Bringing, indrafting, depositing, tiling with images of idealized outside. Store of games, representations, compensations of everything that the attic is not. Unnecessary. Paper flowers.
I have a window, I look out. I'm listening.
Come. Come. Nobody's coming here.
You do not come, I do.
Outward in its entirety, it loses its realness. Drawing snippets from outside, storing in the attic. Excerpted snippets are taking place here. Changelessnes sof isolation, changeness of life in isolation. Everydayness created by repetition, home by hoarding, intimacy by surrounding.
The sound spells one event. Drawings are temporary. Obsession shows the duration. Objects are new. The video is now, as many times before.


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