Mis–︎Video installation, 14:20, looped︎2016

The prefix mis is added to verbs and their derivatives and occurs in words adopted from French to express a sense with negative force, e.g. misplaced, misfit, misunderstood. The title also refers to the phonetic reading of the word miss and suggests that the work’s aim is to observe a woman in an age obligating her to regard the society’s expectations or to be confronted with its stereotypical perception constantly.

Using the film and television industry as a background, the work explores how is a woman formed by her upbringing, environment or society physically and mentally and also by the demands that are placed on her in a patriarchal society. The work clarifies main issues related to the cult of youth as well as to the phenomenon of singles and tries to understand the archaic term “spinster” in the contemporary context.

It opens up the issue of women as an artist and argues over the maternity ⏤ its role in the lives of women and the question of the age as the main factor to be considered while deciding about motherhood.

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